A Cold Heart

Imagine this:


You and your friend are planning to take off on an adventure of a lifetime. Two full weeks backpacking across the northern USA.  You have been prepping for months! You have every detail mapped down to the mile. Everything is packed that you think you need and not an ounce more. 

You set off on your journey and everything is going smooth. A week goes by, Then a few days more… Now it is the final day, just a few more miles! Then things start to make a turn. temperatures start dropping. The night creeps in and rain starts to fall. The steady drops give way to sleet, then to snow. Good thing you came prepared! Or did you?

As you realize you won’t be making headway any further for the day you begin to settle into camp. Painstakingly, you dry out enough wood to start a fire. You pitch your tent and roll out your sleeping bag. Time to settle in.

~ The snow keeps falling.~

You wake up cold. The fire has died down. You remove your last meal from your backpack and begin to eat. At this point you are worried. It doesn’t look like the storm is letting up. The food is gone. The fire has died.  All of your planning fell short in one area; You didn’t plan for change.


People lose their fire. Without the right mindset, energy can tend to give way to apathy. Just as a fire gets dampened by the snow, People tend to ‘burn out’. And hey, it’s not always their fault. We have all had times when it was easier to give up than to keep going.  That is life. Often times we see people who have a ‘cold heart’ and we jump straight to the accusations;

“Well they just didn’t care enough!” or “No wonder they don’t have any friends! They are just bitter!”.

We love to point the finger at how people act, but do we ever actually take the time to figure out WHY people act that way? Do we ever give others a passing glance as to how the circumstances of their lives have effected their emotions? We might claim that others are cold-hearted but in reality what if it is actually us?

If we spend all of our time prepping for how we think things should go there is a chance we will be the ones left out in the cold. like the old adage goes, “plan for the worst and hope for the best”. My families’ crest is labeled in latin ‘Nunquam Non Paratus’ which translates ‘Never unprepared’, and that is how we need to live. The quickest way to watch all of your passion (fire) burn out is to not have the necessities to keep it alive through the hard times. How are we to melt the frost off of someone else’s heart if our fire is really just an ember?

It is said that the best things always happen after the hardest times. Make sure you are prepared to get through the difficult so you can reap the reward.


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