How to make work fun

Labor day, a time that we set aside for all of us who work to have a day off. Well, at least most of us. It’s nice to have a day to just relax and enjoy yourself yet here I am, writing. Why? Because it’s something I enjoy. To me, it is much more than just ‘work’. Sadly there are […]

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How to read your bible

Let’s suppose that you are driving to a very important appointment. It’s urgent! The president of one of America’s leading corporations has offered you a valuable position. The appointment is a thousand miles from your home in an unfamiliar city. Your appointment is at 2:00 p.m. at a new business address. Sixty miles from your destination you doubt you will […]

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A Cold Heart

Imagine this: You and your friend are planning to take off on an adventure of a lifetime. Two full weeks backpacking across the northern USA.  You have been prepping for months! You have every detail mapped down to the mile. Everything is packed that you think you need and not an ounce more.  You set off on your journey and […]

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