Suppressed – The Grass Growing On A Graveyard


Just below the hollowed ground we tread upon from day-to-day lies a secret so protected that not even the one who buried it remembers it is there. Unlike a skeleton in a closet that is stashed in a back corner of a dark room, this secret was not hidden with ‘bad’ intentions. No, it was hidden in an effort to […]

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The Cost Of Vulnerability

 Welcome to a generation of selfishness. A time in this world when everything is about one person, yourself. It’s an entitled mentality. We are willing to do whatever it takes to promote ourselves one more step and we don’t care who we break along the way. Even if it means hurting those we care about because the truth is, we […]

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Mindful Christianity – 3 Things Christians Can Learn From Mindfulness

I am a Christian and I love mindfulness. there, I said it. I think it is a beautiful practice that has true benefits to our mental AND spiritual health. I do not follow it as some religion by any means but taking time to invest in your mental health is something that the good ole’ USA needs a bit more of. […]

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5 Ways to Overcome Your Past

What if we could sit in our chairs and watch any of our past memories as if we watched our favorite TV show? Sure, some of us have videos and pictures but I mean any memory you could possibly think of. What would we see? What would we choose to watch and what would we skim over? How many good […]

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The Dark Side of Christmas

I decided to hold off on writing this post until Christmas was finally here. I wanted to make sure I had a complete grasp on the spirit of the holidays. I want to thank the McDaniel family. I love when they come in town and without them I would have completely lost the Christmas spirit. Christmas is here. Everyone’s hard work […]

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