Clarity – The Mental Fog Of A Forgotten Purpose

Clarity - The Mental Fog Of A Forgotten Purpose

It creeps through the cracks of your thoughts like fog in a forest, bending, twisting, and turning until every inch is consumed in a shrouded mystery. The trail before you slowly sinks further away until your disillusioned mind grabs for any familiarity of how your circumstances once were. You press forward — or so what you think is forward, only […]

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Resonate (part 1) – How to Hear From God

Imagine you are siting at a coffee shop waiting on someone. This is not just any someone, This person is quite unique because… well… you have never actually met them. You know what they are ‘supposed to’ look like. You have read some of their Facebook statuses and liked their pictures but you don’t actually have any idea who this […]

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Terminal – An Investment of Time

650,000 – That’s the average number of hours every single one of us has on this earth. For some it is more and for some, much less. at 21 you only have 465,918 of those hours left. At 30, on average you have 387,026. At 40, only 299,368. That’s less than half… Now think of all the hours we waste. Bloomberg […]

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The Cost Of Vulnerability

 Welcome to a generation of selfishness. A time in this world when everything is about one person, yourself. It’s an entitled mentality. We are willing to do whatever it takes to promote ourselves one more step and we don’t care who we break along the way. Even if it means hurting those we care about because the truth is, we […]

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Faith vs. Works – How to achieve a balance between the two.

I began my morning the best way I know how; I grabbed a cup of coffee, some toast, and my Bible and headed over to my favorite chair. I opened the leather binding and softly turned to a bookmarked page in Matthew. I read on until I arrived at a very familiar scripture, though this time, something caught my attention […]

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