Carpé Momento – The Difference In Living And Being Alive

What does it mean to live? Is living the state of breathing? Does it simply mean your heart keeps beating? Or is living so much more than just being alive? Is it to exist or to thrive, to cohere to ourselves or fade and die? To die to what we feel inside and press on with life; pressed like a […]

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Clarity – The Mental Fog Of A Forgotten Purpose

Clarity - The Mental Fog Of A Forgotten Purpose

It creeps through the cracks of your thoughts like fog in a forest, bending, twisting, and turning until every inch is consumed in a shrouded mystery. The trail before you slowly sinks further away until your disillusioned mind grabs for any familiarity of how your circumstances once were. You press forward — or so what you think is forward, only […]

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Terminal – An Investment of Time

650,000 – That’s the average number of hours every single one of us has on this earth. For some it is more and for some, much less. at 21 you only have 465,918 of those hours left. At 30, on average you have 387,026. At 40, only 299,368. That’s less than half… Now think of all the hours we waste. Bloomberg […]

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Progressionalism – The Downfall of Relationships.

Chronos. The Greek word for what we call time. A never ending, always consuming creature that never relents on its ruthless journey to have all things. Such a greedy substance. What we see as a measurement and progression, the Greeks saw as a consuming creature that devoured every past moment and consumed every future thought. We love to place an […]

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Mindful Christianity – 3 Things Christians Can Learn From Mindfulness

I am a Christian and I love mindfulness. there, I said it. I think it is a beautiful practice that has true benefits to our mental AND spiritual health. I do not follow it as some religion by any means but taking time to invest in your mental health is something that the good ole’ USA needs a bit more of. […]

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