Carpé Momento – The Difference In Living And Being Alive

What does it mean to live? Is living the state of breathing? Does it simply mean your heart keeps beating? Or is living so much more than just being alive? Is it to exist or to thrive, to cohere to ourselves or fade and die? To die to what we feel inside and press on with life; pressed like a […]

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Suppressed – The Grass Growing On A Graveyard


Just below the hollowed ground we tread upon from day-to-day lies a secret so protected that not even the one who buried it remembers it is there. Unlike a skeleton in a closet that is stashed in a back corner of a dark room, this secret was not hidden with ‘bad’ intentions. No, it was hidden in an effort to […]

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Clarity – The Mental Fog Of A Forgotten Purpose

Clarity - The Mental Fog Of A Forgotten Purpose

It creeps through the cracks of your thoughts like fog in a forest, bending, twisting, and turning until every inch is consumed in a shrouded mystery. The trail before you slowly sinks further away until your disillusioned mind grabs for any familiarity of how your circumstances once were. You press forward — or so what you think is forward, only […]

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Preservation Of Christianity (Part 1) – The Heart Of A Child

“Action begins when an urgency becomes so uncomfortable that it pushes you out of your current place of complacent comfort.” What does it mean to have the heart of a child? Have you ever asked a small child the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Often times you will get an answer like “I want […]

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Resonate (part 2) – The Risk Of Faith

This is the second part in a series. For part one, click here. Envision a calendar. Each page represents a month of your life. One-Twelfth of your year listed before you. Such a significant amount of time condensed into little blocks laid out on a single sheet of paper. Now think about that dream stirring in you. How many of […]

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