Clarity – The Mental Fog Of A Forgotten Purpose

Clingman's Gap lookout tower - Smoky Mountains, TN

Clingman’s Gap lookout tower – Smoky Mountains, TN

It creeps through the cracks of your thoughts like fog in a forest, bending, twisting, and turning until every inch is consumed in a shrouded mystery. The trail before you slowly sinks further away until your disillusioned mind grabs for any familiarity of how your circumstances once were. You press forward — or so what you think is forward, only to find yourself in the same place you were moments before. All sense of direction is lost. All premeditated plans have become distant memories in the ever changing landscape turned whitewash opaque. What I am referring to is a clarity of purpose — or rather the lack there of.

Everyone has a purpose. Not everyone may know this purpose but that does not mean it isn’t there. Deep within your passions and your dreams lies the greatest gift you can give to this world. It is literally sown within the hem of your DNA. Every moment of every day you carry this burden upon you even if you do not know it is there. Need proof? Have you ever joined in on a conversation and the more you talked about this particular subject, the more excitement began to take over your demeanor? Or maybe you were watching video or listening to a song and something that was taking place or said began to cause your heart to race with enthusiasm. These moments are like a literal fire in your chest and you can’t talk, move, or think it away. This is a passion, and passion shows purpose.

Your passion shows you your purpose.

Passion strikes at the strangest of times. Small things trigger big reactions that spring forth deep from our souls. Sometimes we know they are coming and other times our passion catches us off guard. Either way, within moments we are waist deep in an emotional frenzy. This is because our purpose is directly tied with our soul; it is a fundamental building block to who we are. But what about those moments when what used to be the spark that lit the fire are now the equivalent to lighting wet wood with a broken flint?

Throughout the course of life there are times we lose sight of our purpose. What once was our core foundation and driving thoughts become lost in a mental fog of doubt, fear, hopelessness, circumstances, and laziness. If becomes much easer to give an hour of ourselves to the infinite pit of social media than to give that hour in preparation of our next step. Being consumed with what crazy stunt some celebrity is trying to pull or the constant murmuring of video comment threads lead way to an easy escape from purpose.  We trick our minds into thinking we are accomplishing great feats by the acquisition of pointless information; Like knickknacks strewn across a shelf becomes our headspace: thoughts that have no true value except to those in possession of them. The more we feed the murky beast the more it grows until purpose seems as if a faint memory of a life once lived.

What is it that drives you into complacency? What thoughts fog up your field of view? Is it the words someone spoke to you? Is it the fear and worry of what has happened or what is to come? Is it a past circumstance that is wearing on your mind? I ask because this is what you have to ask yourself. When you are lost, the best method to find your way back is to retrace your steps until you find where you stepped off the path. In the same way, when you lose sight of your purpose you have to retrace your steps and find what persuaded you to leave the trail; whether it was intentional, you were deceived, or you just missed your step. It is never too late. Purpose is always worth finding again.

Life is full of distractions. Even since the creation of the earth has humanity faced distractions from their purpose. As Adam blamed Eve and Eve blamed the serpent, they allowed their purpose to become shrouded in the lustrous pursuit of a false sense of desire; A desire to override the purpose within them in an attempt to evade the responsibly they were ordained to carry out. What seemed to be an innocent curiosity was in reality a rejection of their human biology; a mental bypass of a God given purpose. Upon this realization, instead of facing their failures and backtracking, they ran and hid. The fog of a forgotten purpose slowly settled over their minds.

That same downfall has been the downfall of many of us since. We may have not eaten any forbidden fruit but we all have attempted to allude our purpose upon the realization of the significance we carry. We self medicate by telling ourselves that we couldn’t possibly be that important. We bury our thoughts in the graveyard of apathy and move on talking of the weather and the daily grind. This is not your purpose. Your purpose is not wrapped up in pointless conversation. The longer we run from purpose — the longer we sow fig leaves in an attempt to cover who we truly are, the more time we murder and in murdering time, we are in a sense murdering ourselves.

Don’t focus on the fog, focus on the tinges of hope brought on by passion. Backtrack and find the moment you lost your place, then start back with a new confidence of where you have been, what you have learned, and a deeper understanding of who you are. Even if you feel lost know this: Every step is a chance to learn. Time is only waisted when rather than learning we forget.

Every step is a chance to learn. Time is only waisted when rather than learning we forget.

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