Continuity – Breaking your constant flow of thought

Smoky Mountain river30,000… This is the average number of thoughts we have every single day. These thoughts range from simple, day-to-day tasks, all the way to life changing decisions. We think so much that we have coined a new psychological term, ‘over-thinking’. If we had even one moment of silence in our minds we would rush to the doctor claiming something was terribly wrong. Over-thinking has become the social norm. We draw opinions on every circumstance before we even know what is going on. We have lost control of our thoughts.

The way you think determines a lot about who you are. Whatever your mind is thinking is what you are destined to become. If you were to ask a young child what they wanted to be when they grew up you might get an answer like ‘fireman’ or ‘veterinarian’ . In the mind of this child there is nothing that will stop them from becoming what they want to be. Their thoughts are geared towards this goal. They don’t acknowledge any obstacles in their way. They think, therefore they will be. Now if you were to ask these same kids, now college age, what they want to do for a living, they probably will give you complete different answers than when they were kids. Some of that has to do with a change in personality, growing up, and new passions but some of it has to do with doubt. Whatever the case, there was a change in their thought patterns.

Our thought patterns are like train tracks. Every thought begins to lay itself out in perfect order like ties on a railroad. Each one laid down progressively to create a system of tracks stretching towards a destination. As we begin to change our thoughts, we are removing the ties and in turn, weakening the track. If we weaken the track enough the rails begin to raise. If the rails raise, the train will derail. A change in thought can be a very good or very bad thing. It can mean that we are getting ourselves going in the right direction or it could mean a derailment.

Why do our thoughts run so freely? Why do we allow them to cause us such harm? Our thoughts are too easily swayed to be the deciding factor on how we feel. When we are in a correct state of mind then We can use those thoughts to push us forward but when we are not, we have to get them in check. Thoughts alone cannot be the deciding factor in any major decision. We need to stop and analyze the rest of who we are. We need to take a long gaze into the pit of our desires and emotions. Dig deep down into our programming. When we have an understanding of who we are than we can grasp ahold of our thoughts and steer them in the right direction.
If you lay down those thoughts there is only one way to remove them. With your thoughts. – You have to think about what you are thinking about.

Thoughts are much like a small tree in a garden. When first planted, they are standing up straight and tall but as the winds come, they begin to lean. If the tree leans in too many directions the roots will break free and the tree will crash to the earth and wither away. Though our thought life is rooted in our character, they alone cannot keep us from being swayed by the winds of the world. You might say that they are easily influenced. When you plant a tree in a garden often we take rope and stakes, then we tie and anchor the tree in place so that it can endure any wind. The Word of God is like those stakes that anchor us down. You may be able to grow without it but when the storm comes, would you have the stability to stand strong?

We have the ability to prepare ourselves before the storm of thoughts come. Open the Bible. Know that every verse you read strengthens those anchors. When you start having those thoughts bombard you, the anchor will hold strong because you have the Word of God wrapped around you and you are firmly rooted in Christ.

Take control of your thoughts by replacing your thoughts with His thoughts.

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