Resonate (part 1) – How to Hear From God

Imagine you are siting at a coffee shop waiting on someone. This is not just any someone, This person is quite unique because… well… you have never actually met them. You know what they are ‘supposed to’ look like. You have read some of their Facebook statuses and liked their pictures but you don’t actually have any idea who this person really is. You met through a mutual friends profile, realized you had a lot in common, and began to talk. Now it is time to meet that person in the real world. 

 You sit and wait for about 30 minutes watching people come and go before you realize that the person that was sitting across the shop from you was indeed the person you were waiting on – but it is too late. They just grabbed their things and headed out the door: a missed opportunity. They leave feeling stood up. They put themselves out there only for you to not show. You leave feeling foolish for not knowing them more. If only you would have done your research than maybe you wouldn’t have missed them. 


It pays to do your research.

How are we to know God if we have never heard His voice? Christians spend so much time arguing with themselves about what God wants from us. We invest our emotional energy trying to figure out ‘which door He wants us to walk through’. We scuttle through life with a ‘lab rat’ mentality; “How do we get through this maze to find the cheese?”. We have no clue of the path to take. Each turn seemingly leading us closer to only have to backtrack out and try again.

There are many different opinions on what to do. Even in the church, if we present our current circumstances to 5 different people we will get 5 completely different answers. Media tells us what we should do, our jobs say something else, teachers, mentors, friends, and family all have their input. Before long you have no idea what to do! “If only God would just open the right door!” God’s keyring must be pretty big!

But wait, doesn’t the bible say in that the keys to the kingdom are in our hands? What does this mean? If we have the keys then how is it that we have to wait on God? Maybe God is waiting on us!

Christians are great at complacency. We get stuck in our consistent habits. The downfall of the church began when we stopped being the loudest voice. Since then it has been a downward spiral, allowing every other agenda to rule over us. We stopped being the voice because we stopped hearing God’s. The birth of this nation was founded on a group of people who were sick of only hearing; they wanted to see for themselves. It is as if we the church have learned nothing from our past. So here we are back on this journey trying to figure out who God is and why the world is like this.

Now the good news. There is hope. There is an answer and it is found in the BIBLE. That’s right. If we want to know who God is: what He looks like, sounds like, and thinks like, it is found here. How are we to know the sound of our saviors voice if we have never heard Him? If He were to speak to us tomorrow, without a previous understanding of Him, we would have no idea if what we are hearing is actually God. We have the option to sit around and hunt for God in little signs (praying for a shooting star – You’ve been there.) or we can learn what He sounds like and what He wants for us by opening His Word. After all, there are 66 books in there that describe Him in every way, shape, and form. If you don’t know if it’s God than you haven’t taken enough time to get to know Him!

Don’t take my word for it. Actually, don’t take anyone’s word for it! Don’t listen to your pastor, or your parents, your family, friends, or spouse. No, go find Him for yourself. If you open up that Holy book and begin to dig in I promise, He will show you who He is and how He works. Don’t miss your opportunity. Don’t waste any more time dwelling on what is next. He will show you if you show yourself to Him. Take the risk, jump in and see for yourself.


Have you ever felt like God was far off? How did you overcome that? What did God show you? Comment bellow and be sure to share!

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19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

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