Resonate (part 2) – The Risk Of Faith

This is the second part in a series. For part one, click here.

Envision a calendar. Each page represents a month of your life. One-Twelfth of your year listed before you. Such a significant amount of time condensed into little blocks laid out on a single sheet of paper. Now think about that dream stirring in you. How many of these pages have passed by since you first started thinking about it? How many pages have been torn away with nothing more than a vision of what you hoped to do?

Now, think of how far you intended to be. (This part can suck.) When you first had a flurry of passion down deep in you to where you currently stand. I hope when you read this you can say that you are progressing well but if not, I hope you will be encouraged by the end. There is no shame in having not progressed on your dreams. There is only shame if you never start. The sooner the better.

What is a risk of faith? What good is it to us to take a risk? How could not taking this risk go against God? These are all questions I intend to answer.

A risk of faith is to realize that God actually knows what He is talking about and that He is bigger than your fall. What does this mean? It means that no matter how much you feel you have to lose, God is bigger than any loss you could ever endure. There is no amount of money that is bigger than God. There is no amount of embarrassment that is bigger than God.

To not take the risk is to tell God that you know better than Him.

Yea. I know. That is a hard pill to swallow. To do one thing is to actively choose not to do something else. So when you postpone that other thing in your life that you know you need to do; when you have a stirring in you to make a switch and you decide not to do it, you are choosing to go against the will of the one that directs our path. That’s a gutsy move.

I don’t think we give God enough credit. We can get so caught up on ourselves that we forget how big He really is. We are such an ego driven species. When we take that trust away from God we place ourselves in a selfish state of mind that will carry over into everything we do. Then, all of our plans and our know-how will fall to the disease of pride. Pride is a progress killer. (more to come about this topic in a future post.) It takes a healthy dream and sucks every last ounce of life out of it until there is nothing left but hard, dry bones. It creates a beast that eats every last bit of flesh from the carcass that used to be a dream.

Honestly, this is something I am struggling with even as I write. I know of all the things that I need to do but gathering the energy to do them seems next to impossible. It is a constant fight to keep your energy levels up and keep pushing on. But breakthrough is always preceded by hardship. It doesn’t come easy. When you are on the right track is when it feels like the wind suddenly stopped and you are left floating in the water with an empty sail. This is the most crucial moment. so what will you do?

The longer you sit still the harder it is to gain momentum. If you think it is hard now, just wait till next week! It is time to quit putting off. Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. So let’s do something today that will change the course of our calendars.


What is your biggest motivation killer? Comment bellow and let me know.

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