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If you are looking for a one stop shop with all the answers to life and your purpose, then this is NOT the place for you!

Most websites nowadays promise a quick solution to all of life's problems. Many of them bargain that for just the cost of your email, you can unlock the secrets to your deepest desires... but that is just not how life works. I can't provide you with those answers, but what I can do is give you the tools you need to figure those things out for yourself.

Each and every one of us are unique. My promise to you is that I will always do my best to provide you with thought-provoking content to help you think outside your box and discover who you were created to be.


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Every Word; Every Photo

At, every piece of content is written to assist you in the journey to find your purpose. Every blog - whether written by myself or a guest, every video, and every single photo are all original to this site. I believe in providing you with the best written and visual content I can create to help you break out of your mental box and discover the beauty that lies within your own mind.

Every post that is published here will always have a completely original photo taken by me. The reason for this is to act as a bookmark for your brain. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words so for every post I provide a picture to capture those words in our memory.

I believe that a healthy mind is the key to a happy life. God created us in three parts: a body, a spirit, and a mind (soul). When our mind is healthy it enables joy to fill our spirit and health to fill our body. The war is not against the physical, it is against the mind.

I hope something here inspires your thought and helps you discover for yourself who you were created to be.

Life is to be, not to become. 


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