The Simple Joys – A Requiem of the Passing of Time

We wake. We eat. We work. We sleep. We rinse, we lather, and then repeat. Nothing different, there is no change. Our day to day, it stays the same. We dream of breaking down the mold that we established as we grew old, but time keeps ticking. Our hearts keep beating. Every moment becomes deceiving. We talk about how time feels gray, yet we still let it slip away. Now here we are just wanting, waiting, sitting, hoping, and anticipating for the colour of joy to come back to our hearts. If only we knew just how to start…


I love to focus ahead on the final goal. I get so focussed it can become all I think about. It is how I learned to push through any hard times I would face. I am terrible at living my life in the future. I feel I have so much to accomplish in such a short time that I tend to neglect the little things going on around me. I have more than once found myself in a “gray” situation. You know, one of those apathetic, float through life kind of times.

These are the worst thing for someone like me. I thrive on excitement and progress, so to feel stuck in a moment wears at the core of who I am. It begins to seem helpless.

Over the last year I have had the opportunity to dwell in one of these moments. Everything I did never seemed to give answers. It was always more and more questions. Honestly, it really began to wear on me. Everything began to wear on me. All of my passions, likes, and dislikes somehow became neutral. I knew where I wanted to Go but I didn’t even know why. I fought to pull out of it but the harder I pulled against it, the more it pushed me deeper.  I had lost all Joy. So I set out on a mission to gain it back…

“Hope comes from Joy. Without Joy, life is Hopeless.”

After a season of trial and error I learned that the real question isn’t how to find joy, the question is how to let joy find you. We get so lost in the gray that we keep adding and taking things away in hopes that we will find something that will restore life and direction but there is no change that can truly fix it. Why? Because the lack of joy is not an issue of circumstance, it is an issue of your heart. It was an issue in my heart and I did not realize it. I know this because this year has been an amazing year so far. God has given me some amazing promises. I am already witnessing Him working in them. It is the polar opposite of last year. Yet, I still was fighting those gray areas. It took a good friend telling me flat out to stop worrying about where I was going all the time and just enjoy the ride. When I took the time to open my eyes to everything that was happening around me it was like being able to see colour again. Once I focussed on my present place God then was able to work in my life and begin to guide me right where He wanted me.

It is easy to try to grab back control from God. I have done it plenty! But He always knows best. I love the analogy of a sailboat. If a sailboat is just one degree off it will end up somewhere completely different than it intended to. But just as Columbus was setting sail for Spain and ended up in North America, Sometimes the best things in life are found when you let the wind change your direction. My good friend Heather once told me the reason you set goals is not to accomplish every one of them, but that if you aim for something, where you end up will always be better than where you started. Even if it is not where you though you would be.

This is true Joy. Aim high, set course, and enjoy every moment on the way to wherever you end up. Remember that we serve a God who does not serve time. He is in the moment. You will never find God with your head stuck in the past, or lost in the future. You can only find Him when you open your eyes to your present.


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