What your reflection says about you.

When we first look at reflection in the morning what goes through our mind? Sometimes we think about how terrible we look. (Few can truly escape bed hair!)  Often we are still waking up and thinking about how nice it would be to just go back to bed. Maybe we are thinking of all the drama and work we are about to endure. These moments early in the morning set the tempo for the rest of our days.

Everything that happens throughout our day can be made better or worse on how we handle those first moments. It is crazy to think about it but we actually decide how our days will go. No, we cannot control everything that might happen throughout the day but we can control how we respond and there is no better assistant to that than laying down the ground work for your attitude first thing in the morning.

Here is a challenge for you that I try and do every day: Look yourself in the mirror for 30 seconds every morning. Tell yourself that today you will win. You will conquer this day. No matter what happens you will walk away victorious. It is amazing how something so simple can impact your day and put you on the right track.

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